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Our Founder

Maria "Mo" Groezinger is a fashion industry leader turned social enterprise maven.

Mo's roots in fashion stretch across two decades in the industry, encompassing management, operations, design, and production. From beauty to apparel, Mo's known for thoughtfully approaching her craft as an accomplished creative and respected consultant. Her desire to uplift others stems from her experiences as a young professional, sharpened by trial and shaped by help from others along the way.


California has 70,000 youth in foster care system, and half call Los Angeles County home. As a board member of Peace4Kids, Mo has been a trusted ally committed to stoking awareness and increasing broader wellbeing. Read more about on-going social impact efforts that LA Apparel supports and ways to get involved.

Wrapped With MoLove

Wrapped With MoLove is a brand rooted in social impact, and flagship of Create MoLove. Shop our first collection of wraps and serapes — each one sold translates to a 1:1 wrap gifted to a young person currently experiencing foster care.

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Create MoLove

Create MoLove prepares young adults going against the odds to “level up” in the fashion apparel industry as creative entrepreneurs. Our comprehensive program will provide a sound educational foundation, creative outlets, and industrial underwriting in a supportive environment to pre-apprentices.


Are you a manufacturer, vendor, or fashion professional interested in providing structured learning opportunities in collaboration with us? Reach out and help us make a difference.


Garment Learning Studio

Garment Learning Studio is an online hub for early and seasoned fashion entrepreneurs to connect in a supportive community collectively focused on growth.


Join Maria, Bee, Ashley, Noah, in a growing community of fashion creatives to gain the skills and connections to help you launch your brand. Sign up now for early access and gain special perks for founding members. 

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