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What Sets Us Apart

LA Apparel Services understands the complexities of building and maintaning an apparel brand. We are committed to offering the best and professional service in the industry. Nothing is more important than communication and attention to detail. 

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Our Founder

Leveraging decades of industry experience to uplift clients in all aspects.


Fashion industry leader turned social enterprise maven, Maria "Mo" Groezinger is an accomplished creative executive with a passion for supporting entrepreneurs. Mo thoughtfully approaches her craft as a consultant working across management, operations, design, development and production.

“A fashion business is a beautiful challenge that you don’t have to take on alone.” Mo's commitment to service comes from her lived struggle to grasp the many moving parts of apparel manufacturing. The generosity and wisdom from her co-workers and trials of operating a business are key to her success.

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Resource Membership

Join Fashion Entrepreneurs in Garment Learning Studio


Garment Learning Studio is an online membership hub for fashion entrepreneurs to get resources, polish their skills, and break the isolation of building a brand.

Join our team of fashion consultants, designers, educators and more in a growing community. Save time and go further together: access members-only tools, templates, courses, community building and interactive activities all designed to help you reach your goals.

Whether you are starting your brand or deep in the trenches of the fashion business, GLS is the place for fashion entrepreneurs to make your vision reality. Move beyond the idea. Gain traction with genuine professional help. Sign up now and try free for a week.

Youth Development & Social Impact

Support The Future of Fashion

Sustainability is Mo's driving force, which means "less waste, more social justice, spirituality and an overall well-being…”


Create MoLove (501c3) is our social impact initiative. With local partners, we are teaching work force readiness in fashion and holding the door open for young people to enhance their creativity and create new career paths (


Create MoLove prepares young adults going against the odds to “level up” in the fashion apparel industry as creative entrepreneurs. Our comprehensive program will provide a sound educational foundation, creative outlets, and industrial underwriting in a supportive environment to pre-apprentices.


Are you a manufacturer, vendor, or fashion professional interested in providing structured learning opportunities in collaboration with us? Reach out and help us make a difference.

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