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At LA Apparel Services, we specialize in strategic consulting, product development, and project management of domestic and overseas production.

With our expertise and industry knowledge, we help businesses in the apparel industry achieve their goals and maximize their potential. Whether you are a small startup or an established brand, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Day One Partner

When you arrive with ideas, we get to work to understand you and your creative vision. As partners throughout this process, we value maintaining clear lines of communication and offering genuine insights.

Clarify & Facilitate

Once we have clarity around what and who you are creating for, we chart the best course of action and get to work. This is where you decide where we support your operation as consultants, or where we lead to reach certain milestones on your behalf.

Connect You With An All-Star Team

We do our best work due to sustained partnerships and thriving community of artisans and experts we work with. Whether you need the best product photographer, or dialed in designers, we are excited to welcome you into the fold.

Manage Development To Production Process

Our team handles the big picture and critical day to day pieces of developing and producing your brand. As your consultants, you have our systems, connections, and more at your disposal.

(Co)Pilot Your Brand Launch

Once your prototype becomes a product ready for the public, we are prepared to help you see your launch through. The first step is to schedule your free consult with LA Apparel Services here.

Our job is to make your idea real. We are prepared to help with:

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